About Us

⦿ backingtracks.biz was founded, created and started by Steve Forward.
⦿ Starting way back in 2010, Steve wanted to make backing tracks for himself only, to gig with, only to find that demand grew through his online website, that he decided to make the website into a full production house.
⦿ Utilising the very best in DAW's and computer technology, we keep our overheads to a minimum, without sacrificing quality.
⦿ As a custom backing track company, first and foremost, we do not keep thousands of backing tracks online, ready for download. We work with our clients closely, until the product is exactly what they need for their show or performance.
⦿ We also differ from most other companies, in that, budget depending, we can make any track you desire. Anything!
⦿The only limit is your imagination, and budget!
⦿ Simply email us at: orders@backingtracks.biz and we will be happy to give you a free quote. Please if possible send us your "mashup" track, or relvant audio files, as this can slow down the delivery times!