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Bespoke to you, The Client.

On larger projects, we are able to liaise with you, the client, on details and features that may be essential to your performance. Count ins, click tracks on one side, left or right, are all easily achieved.

If you are looking for medley tracks, we are able to provide these also. Just email us with your requirements.

We may have it already !

We have a large library of well known and popular backing tracks already written, so do get in touch with us if you haven't seen it, we may have the track you require written already.

Email us at
for more information..

Custom Tracks / Bespoke to you, the client.
If you have ever wanted custom backing tracks written to make your live shows and performances unique and special? If so, then is here to help. We have years of live playing experience and painstakingly re-create accurate backing tracks. We are NOT a karaoke site!
Years of experience in creating great backing tracks...

All of our backing tracks are created from the ground up. We reference with the original track as close as possible. Starting with, in most cases, the rhythm section, and working up to any intricate percussion and/or keyboard/guitar parts. We use the latest VST plugins for orchestral instruments that have to be heard to be believed. All of our backing tracks are created using legal virtual plugins on legal digital audio workstations.

We are well known for creating the newest released chart singles, in the quickest time, meaning that as a performer you can get the track you want before anyone else.. and all with the best sound quality possible..

Custom Track Payment

If you have commissioned a custom backing track from us and wish to make a payment to complete your order, (Funds must reach us before we send out any tracks!), then simply click the 'Pay Now' button below. We thank you for your continued trust in us as a company!

Unusual Track ?

We are usually the place to come if you are after a backing track that isn't yet available. Get in touch and ask! We can usually help...

- If you require a track in a different key, please state at the time of ordering.


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